Healthy Natural Baby (HNB) is an registered 501-(c)(3) non-profit service and educational organization that provides counseling, advocacy, educational programs, and public policy initiatives that promote optimum health practices for pre-natal mothers and neonates.

We help parents recognize the grand design and natural body function that evolution has gifted us. Our bodies are truly a magnificent design, and that is clearly evident during childbirth and the neonatal period, where our evolutionary heritage has provided for nearly everything required by newborn infants. We help parents avoid unnecessary or unneeded medical interventions to both themselves and their children. Through our advocacy, we can achieve better health outcomes for neonates while reducing unwarranted costs for all stakeholders.

We empower parents with information so they may better evaluate medical opinions and avoid the tendency by the medical community to pathologize normal body function. With the rapid changes happening to our healthcare system due to new legislation and policy changes, our patient advocacy is vital now more than ever. 

The special physical and emotional bond between mother and baby is best exemplified during breastfeeding . We are strong advocates for breastfeeding since it has tremendous benefit to both the baby and mother. Keeping baby boys intact is also a crucial part of successful breastfeeding. We recognize that infant male circumcision is a needless medical intervention that can interfere with breastfeeding. Intact babies are more capable of establishing an immediate bond so that breastfeeding feeding begins as soon as possible.